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Our offerings

  • Medical ultra sound simulators

    High end quality medical simulators from Medaphor and Inventive Medical. Obstetrics, gyn, emergency and medicine use, teaching to advanced.

  • Haptic devices

    With over 15 years of expertise in the field of haptics we provide the full range of haptics from 3DOF to 6DOF from Geomagics/3DSystems/Sensable. If you have a need for haptics in the academic field. call us!

  • Educational lab setup

    Do you want simple or advanced products to learn control/system programming for your lab environment. Quanser covers anything from haptics to robotic control theory with out of the box solutions, with Matlab/Simulink/Labview.

  • DevinSense Display Solutions

    DevinSense Display solutions are Virtual Reality, Immersive Workbench and hardware and software platform supplies to the research and medical simulator industry. DevinSense Displays brings haptics, 3D stereo vision and other external tracking devices all together in cost effective and reliable Virtual Reality solutions.

  • 3D Organic modelling software

    Do you have a 3D scan that you would like to prepare for 3D printing? Do you want to build upon your 3D CAD designs with organic shapes or new cool textures ? Look no further, check out Sculpt or Freeform! Now with educational pricing…

  • Robotics

    Do you need a robotic manipulator for your work and research. Look no further, light weight, open architecture and easy to use, long reach and many more degrees of freedom with a human like hand gripper. Let us introduce the…

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