Haptics is the sense of touch. DevinSense knowledge in haptics builds on more then 15 years of experience working with supplies of haptics devices from manufacturers like SensAble, 3DSystems and ForceDimension to not only leading Universities all over the world but also companies that would like to explore haptics functionality in their products.

For Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland we are the distributor for 3DSystems complete range of haptics devices, for the rest of the world we can provide the 3DSystems haptics with DevinSense Display Solutions. For prices and more information simply get in touch with us, using the contact form below or simply call us!

  • 3DOF to 6DOF haptics

  • Research or industrial use

  • OpenHaptics for haptics programming included

  • VR, master-slave with robotics, ROS and medical simulation

Contact us for price and more information on haptics devices!