GDPR, DevinSense,

To comply with the new EU directive, GDPR, we need to inform you what kind of information you saved in our systems, that is about you.

For our customers we record company name, customer person name, address, email, phone number, billing address and delivery address. Our customer could receive email that contains information regarding their products, but also information according to what is described as used for below, in our market registry.

We also have a registry we call market registry that contains only emails (and to some extend in specific cases contact names). The registry is used for mailings, market communications, newsletters and promotions or other information that we think could be of possible value to the receiver. The emails are sent at irregular intervals but not more then 20 times a year to each specific receiver. The market registry could also contain a note of preferred market target, i.e “medical” or “engineering” that allows us to target specific information of relevance to that receiver.

The email-addresses we currently store have been retrieved via

  • Registration in form on
  • Customers who bought products or services from DevinSense AB
  • Collection of email addresses at events, fairs, visits and similar occasions.
  • Contacts from Linkedin, Facebook.

Each marketing email from DevinSense will contain unsubscribe functions.
DevinSense do not share our registry with any external physical or legal person violating the GDPR.

DevinSense primarily use Mailchimp for market communication.

Any contact receiving email from DevinSense could request information from DevinSense regarding their possible registered information in the registry as required from the GDPR compliance.

Contact for more information or if you have any questions.