Acrome Automation, Control, RObotics and MEchatronics

DevinSense offers Acrome full range of products in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Acrome products is a great, lower priced, complement to the more fully advanced Quanser lab equipment. With Acrome products we target the use for teaching and learning.

ACROME provides affordable, intuitive and easy to use control system plants for academic and educational use. Delivering turn-key solutions in the field of Embedded System Control, Test Bench Design, and Development and Data Acquisition together with your micro-processor of choise ACROME could be a good way of getting up to speed for get your teaching lab up and running.

  • Ball and beam

    Ball and Beam plant can be used for a wide range of control system design implementations from basic linear controllers to advanced nonlinear methods. Students are able to understand system design approaches with learn-by-doing methodology. They can distinguish effects of linearizations, assumptions and modeling errors due to the differences between simulations and real world experiments, all can be seen at the same time.

  • Ball balancing table

    For educational and academic purposes ACROME has developed a ball balancing table system, capable of controlling the position of a ball on a plate for both static positions and smooth paths.

  • Delta robot

    Empower automation laboratory with ACROME Delta Robot! Delta robots are essential elements of real automation lines due to high movement speed and position accuracy.


  • Robust desing, precision-crafted chassis constructed of durable plexiglass
  • NI myRIO 1900 Hardware Design

  • Courseware and User Manual included

  • Easy-connect cables and connectors

  • Fully compatible with LabVIEW (Matlab/Simulink available with order!)

Read ACROME courseware example!

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