Welcome to our new 3D Tech Studio in Järfälla, Stockholm

To further build on DevinSense aim to kick start our customers’ ability to create value in the field of education, research and development, we will now open our 3D Tech Studio in Järfälla, Stockholm.

The new 3D Tech Studio will allow for students, researchers and developers to try out our products in a creative environment and allow for interesting workshops, on site tests, validations, research and development as well as production.

The 3D Tech Studio will expand with our technology offerings and possible support services but will initially be focusing on Artec 3D Scanners, OptiTrack Motion Capture technology as well as 3D Systems/Geomagics 3D design software.

Full 3D Tech Studio specification:

OptiTrack Motion Capture

OptiTrack Motion Capture System built on 6xPrime 17W cameras with Motive:Body MOCAP software, full motion capture body suits in different sizes with complete sets of available 3D markers. The OptiTrack MOCAP facility will be useful for any kind of motion related research or development task, validation of motions- or other sensors, film and game production, VR/AR, architecture, drone, robotics and simulations. The current motion capture (MOCAP) volume is 7x5x2.2 meters and can be expanded if needed.

Artec 3D Scanners

Artec 3D Scanners for digitizing of humans, small and larger objects. Demonstration of seamless workflow and development tasks and projects also related to our MOCAP equipment.

Geomagics 3D design software

Geomagics/3DSystems Freeform and Sculpt software for 3D modelling of amazing organic 3d models suitable for medical orthopedic or other specific product modelling and designs. Cleaning and further development of 3D scan data and other preparation 3D printing tasks.

Makerbot 3D Printer

Makerboth 3D Printer suitable for simpler prototyping.

Our 3D Tech Studio partners

To be able to set up the 3D Tech Studio, DevinSense is working with Artec distributor Scan 3D Innovation and Barkarby Kontorshotel as well as some very creative designers and developers. Our collaboration with Veddesta Kontorshotel creates opportunities for any company interested in renting our 3D Tech studio and office space for dedicated development or production projects. Contact us for more information.