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Johan BeskowCEO, DevinSense


DevinSense started off year 2014 and have ever since then been focusing on bringing the best products to the best customers within education, research and development. In year 2014 main focus for DevinSense was haptics and the so-called immersive workbenches deriving from co-founder startup SenseGraphics.

Today we have expanded our product portfolio and are acting as a total solution providers to the Nordic markets. Since year 2014 we have more then 100 customers at all the leading universities, schools and hospitals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

We are very well used to formal national tenders but as we are working with new technology offerings we also see more of commercial sales to other companies in the field.

CEO Johan Beskow in 2014, delivery of haptic enabled immersive display for robotics surgery.


DevinSense is authorized reseller for 3DSystems, Quanser, OptiTrack, TecQuipment and Medaphor in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

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