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Propeller Turbine for use with the MFP101 Centrifugal Pump Module.


Small scale educational jacketed vessel and coil heat exchanger

2 DOF Robot

The 2 DOF Robot module is connected to two Rotary Servo Base Units, which are mounted at a fixed distance. Two servomotors on the Rotary Servo Base Units are mounted at a fixed distance and control a 4-bar linkage system: two powered arms coupled through two non-powered arms. The system is planar and has two actuated and three unactuated revolute joints. The goal of the 2 DOF Robot experiment is to manipulate the X-Y position of a four-bar linkage end effector. Such a system is similar to the kinematic problems encountered in the control of other parallel mechanisms that have singularities.


The durable, light-weight carbon-fiber frame makes the QDrone highly maneuverable and capable of withstanding high-impact applications with little downtime required for repairs. The powerful on-board processor, RGB-D and optical flow cameras enable high-quality on-board video processing, as well as streaming for real-time monitoring. The QDrone is only available as part of the Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio. Click here to learn more.

Self-Driving Car Research Studio

The Quanser Self-Driving Car Research Studio is a highly expandable and powerful platform designed specifically for academic research. Use it to jump-start your research and scale your vehicle fleet, while leveraging multiple software environments. The studio brings you the tools and components you need to test and validate dataset generation, mapping, navigation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced self-driving concepts.

HeartWorks Dual Simulator TEE/TTE

The complete simulation solution for Transesophageal (TEE) and Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE)  in one single dual purpose manikin. A ‘plug and play’ solution, tutors can easily switch between TEE and TTE in their training schedules. Retaining all the features of the acclaimed HeartWorks imaging software, educational programs can be both cost and time efficient without compromising on quality. CALL US FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF CASE SPECIFICATION!

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